60 – Harry Hickford

In this episode I talk with Harry Hickford of Tobermory. 

Harry comes originally from the Scottish borders where he worked on the land, particularly as a horsieman.  He came to Mull to run Erray Farm for Colonel Anderson. 
We talk about his time growing up in the borders, the nature of borders identity, his move to Mull, who the characters were when he first came here, how he found life on the island, the changes in agricultural practice that he’s seen over the course of his life and much more besides. 
We also hear a ghost story about Erray Farm and how you can use a ghost to make sure unwanted guests don’t linger for too long! 

This is a conversation that I’ve wanted to have for a very long time, so it was just brilliant to get to spend time with Harry.

Thanks for listening!

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