58 – Carla Lamont

This episode is a conversation with Carla Lamont of Fionnphort.
Carla originally hails from Canada and chose to come and work in Scotland, starting off on Iona, before coming across to Fionnphort where she and her husband John run the remarkable 9th Wave restaurant.

As well as running a very successful restaurant, you may know Carla from her recent appearances on Master Chef – the Professionals.

Our conversation takes in her youth in different parts of Canada and then we go on to talk about her love of playing pool – and that’s how she met John in the Keel Row in Fionnphort, we then talk about how they established the restaurant, what’s special about the 9th Wave, her performance poetry career, her work in radio, her appearances on Master Chef and lots more beside.

As this episode was recorded over Zoom there are odd crackles and pops here and there, for which I apologise.

Photo of Carla by Sam Jones.

This episode is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Iain MacKinnon

Thank you for listening!

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MasterChef: The Professionals

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