66 – Salmon Fishing at Camas

This episode is a conversation about the salmon fishing station at Camas in the Ross of Mull.
It features Sheena Walker, Mary-Anne MacDonald, Kirsty Lord, Sandy Brunton, Gregor Cameron, and Douglas Canning. All of whom are part of the MacInnes family, who ran the fishing.

This podcast was recorded both as a podcast and as research for the film Creel of Stories – Cliabh an t-Seanachais, which tells the story of fishing cultures in the Ross of Mull and Iona.

Our conversation was recorded on Zoom, which means that the sound is a bit glitchy here and there, for which I apologise.

Here’s Sheena’s photos that she mentions:

Thanks for listening!

Episode links:

John Biscoe – Antarctic survey ship


The Hut on Staffin Island – a tune by Phil Cunningham

Angus Stewart Painting of Salmon shed

Down the Track – book about Camas by Rachel McCann


Billingsgate Fish Market

Dwelly – the great Gaelic dictionary – an amazing online resource!

The Leaper – Michael Barrett – book about salmon fishing at Loch Feochan

Cremola Foam – this was a favourite of mine when I was wee. You could mix it with ice cream and it was quite brilliant!

Rosebud disaster

Treòir – A schools podcasting project around Mull from Fèisean nan Gàidheal by Hannah Fisher and myself

Down the Track by Rachel McCann offers a fantastic history of Camas and what it’s meant to the people who’ve been there through the years.

If this episode interests you, you may enjoy this fascinating online photo exhibition of salmon fisheries by Colin MacPherson

3 thoughts on “66 – Salmon Fishing at Camas

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  1. Loved this episode as I am the youngest daughter of Terry Turner from Dervaig, mentioned by Sheena as Foni.
    I treasure many memories of Camus when I was young, such a easy going family oriented way of life where we all pitched in to make it work. Thats my child hood take on it.

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