Thank you for having a look at this page.
What We Do In The Winter is both sponsored and self funded.

Previous sponsors include:

Island Bakery
Treshnish & Haunn Cottages
Island Holiday Cottages
Isle of Mull Cottages
Turus Mara

If you would like to donate anything to help meet our costs, and to enable us to keep making episodes, please click on the link below to donate.  I’d like to say a thank you to you in the podcast following your donation by mentioning your name, if you’d like.  If not, do leave me a note and I won’t say anything, but will send you a message of thanks.

If you can spare what you’d pay for a cup of coffee, we’d be very grateful.

The podcast is free, so if you can’t afford it or didn’t like it, don’t worry.
We’d much rather you listened (and enjoyed it) than feeling than you can’t listen because you didn’t pay for it.  Dinnae fash yersel.

We are open to offers of sponsorship if you think your company would be a match for what we do.  Please get in touch if so.

Mediaeval patronage is also an option.  I will dance for groats.  And have done so in the past.

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The term ‘donate’ doesn’t mean that you’re giving to a charitable organisation, you’re just donating an amount of your choice to allow What We Do In the Winter to cover its costs.

Thank you very much indeed.  

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