Hello and welcome to What We Do In The Winter. WWDitW is a podcast series about the lives of the people of Mull, Iona, Ulva, Gometra and Erraid. The aim of the project is to locate the people of our communities in a global context and to share tales of the islands in the past. ... Continue Reading →

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62 – Giuliana Mercorio Ashford

What We Do In The Winter · 62 Giuliana Mercorio Ashford In this episode I talk with Giuliana Mercorio Ashford of Tobermory.Giuliana’s life started off in the town of Maddaloni, near Naples in Italy, where she grew up during the second world war. After the war her family moved to South Africa. She then moved... Continue Reading →

WWDitA 01 – Mary Morrison: Education and Social Life in the 19th Century

https://soundcloud.com/user-221373450/what-we-do-in-the-archives-mary-morrison-education-and-social-life-in-the-19th-century?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing Our first release in What We Do in the Archives is a talk on education and social life in the 19th century by Mary Morrison of Penmore Mill. This talk was possibly given to the Mull Historical Society and recorded around 1980. The recording fades out after 29 minutes.From the collection of Donald Langamull... Continue Reading →

61 – John Macfarlane

What We Do In The Winter · 61 John MacFarlane In this special Christmas episode I talk with Brigadier John MacFarlane who grew up in Tobermory during WW2, where his family ran MacFarlane’s the shop on the main street.We talk about life in Tobermory in World War 2, the roots of his family and how... Continue Reading →

60 – Harry Hickford

What We Do In The Winter · 60 Harry Hickford In this episode I talk with Harry Hickford of Tobermory. Harry comes originally from the Scottish borders where he worked on the land, particularly as a horsieman.  He came to Mull to run Erray Farm for Colonel Anderson. We talk about his time growing up in the... Continue Reading →

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