Hello and welcome to What We Do In The Winter.

WWDitW is a podcast series about the lives of the people of Mull, Iona, Ulva, Gometra and Erraid.

The aim of the project is to locate the people of our communities in a global context and to share tales of the islands in the past.  Each podcast offering a snapshot of the participant’s life.

We hope to cover other islands and remote communities in the future.

You can find a short promo video here which gives you a flavour of some of the people we’ve spoken to, and shows you some of the landscape of our islands.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news and podcast releases.

Our podcasts are hosted on Soundcloud.  If you want to subscribe there or on iTunes, please feel free to do so.  We can also be found on Tune In Radio.

Thanks for your time, yours,
Alasdair & Georgia


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  1. I’ve been listening to these wonderful podcasts as I walk my way through lockdown, I’m from Tobermory but live in Devon now. It’s been so lovely to hear voices and tales from home. It’s a fantastic project, recording the past for the future.


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