32 – Joanne MacInnes

This episode features a return to Iona, where I chat with Joanne MacInnes. A proud Dundonian, Joanne has lived on Iona for many years now, where she and her husband John are raising their family. We talk about Dundonian cultural identity, college life, work life and what it is like to move into a small... Continue Reading →

31 – Iain Thomson

In this episode I chat with Iain Thomson.  As you’ll hear Iain’s had a long association with the Isle of Mull, and now divides his time between the island here and Sweden. Iain has been involved in farming and the land since he was a young boy. Our conversation goes into some detail about his... Continue Reading →

In Memory of Zelda Sawyer

Zelda Sawyer of Dervaig passed away at the end of May. Zelda was a wonderful woman and a good friend to many of us in the village and beyond. I was honoured that she agreed to record an episode of What We Do in the Winter with me before we had even started broadcasting. Zelda... Continue Reading →

30 – Alasdair MacLean and Nick Turnbull

This episode is a little bit different in that it’s a conversation I had with two people who I’d previously spoken to individually for the podcast. After I released Alasdair MacLean’s episode last year Nick Turnbull said to me that I could have got deeper in on some of the fishing things, so I thought... Continue Reading →

29 – Mhairi Killin

This episode is a conversation between Mhairi Killin of Iona and myself. Mhairi and I met in her office at Aosdana, on the Isle of Iona at the start of this week, half way through May of 2019. We talk about a whole host of topics, a lot relating to our cultural identity and sense... Continue Reading →

28 – Jim Corbett

In this episode I talk with Jim Corbett of Lochbuie. The Lochbuie estate has been in Jim’s family since 1922, and Jim and his wife are just about to celebrate their 40th year living here on Mull. We talk about Jim’s family background, how the family came to live in Lochbuie, the Maclaines of Lochbuie... Continue Reading →

27 – Anna Mockford

In this episode I talk with Anna Mockford from near Kintra in the Ross of Mull. Anna is a professional photographer and was born in the South East of England. She grew up in the 70’s and 80’s before going off travelling with her partner Nick, who is also a photographer. We recorded this episode... Continue Reading →

26 – Davie Kirkpatrick

In this episode I talk with Davie Kirkpatrick of Iona. Davie has lived in Iona for the vast majority of his life. 
Our conversation covers lots of ground. We talk about growing up on the island, going away for school, various characters and community members of the past and present. 
We talk briefly about the... Continue Reading →

25 – Hugh MacPhail

In this episode I talk with Hugh MacPhail. Hugh talks about his life on the island of Ulva, the construction of the big house, farming, fishing, other people who lived on the island at the time. At one point he has a fantastic series of reminiscences about the puffers, the small coastal ships that brought... Continue Reading →

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