23 – Andrena Duffin

In this episode I talk with Andrena Duffin. Andrena has lived all over the world, but has never been more than 6 months without being back on Mull. 
When she was younger her family owned Erray farm, outside of Tobermory, which she talks about around 15 minutes into our chat. 
Her parents then moved over... Continue Reading →

22 – Gordon Buchanan

In this episode I talk with Gordon Buchanan of Tobermory. Born in Alexandria outside of Dumbarton, Gordon moved to Mull with his Mum, brothers and sister in the late 70’s. In our conversation we cover lots of anecdotes about growing up in Tob, building dens, raiding gardens for fruit, local characters of his youth, the... Continue Reading →

21 – James Westland

In this episode I talk with James Westland of Tobermory. 

Born in a castle near Stirling, James, or Seamus as we know him, grew up around Alloa before going to Uni in St Andrews and then headed off shore and came back to land where he studied Gaelic at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, in Skye. It... Continue Reading →

20 – Bill O’Neill

In this episode I talk with Bill O’Neill of Ceann Cuin, near Penmore outside of Dervaig.

 Born in Stirling within spitting distance of the castle, Bill grew up in the Raploch. He was a soldier in Cypress and Libya, and on returning to the UK lived and worked in Sheffield, Stirling and then Sheffield again,... Continue Reading →

19 – John MacDonald

In this episode I talk with John MacDonald. John grew up in Tobermory at Springbank. A haulier for the last 40 years and more, as you’ll hear John has a passion for the West Coast of Scotland, and Mull in particular. His interests stretch far and wide, and he knows so much about the people... Continue Reading →

18 – Catriona MacLeod

In this episode I talk with Catriona MacLeod
. Catriona, is a singer and cabaret artist who goes by the name of Cat Loud when on stage. Catriona is part of the famous MacLeod family in Tobermory. We talk a lot about growing up as part of a well known family, and her childhood in Tobermory.... Continue Reading →

In memory of Duncan MacGilp

I am very sad to say that Duncan MacGilp of Tobermory has died. There's so much I could say about Duncan's warmth, kindness and deliciously roguish sense of humour. He was one of the first people to make me feel like I'd chosen the right place to come and settle. Playing music with Duncan was... Continue Reading →

17 – Pat Morrison

In this episode I talk with Pat Morrison of Penmore, outside of Dervaig. Pat and I spoke in her home at Penmore Mill at the end of last October. Originally from Ayrshire, Pat came to Mull as an itinerant art teacher. Our chat covers all sorts of topics, from the poetry of Robert Burns, to... Continue Reading →

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