38 – Catherine Evans

In this episode Catherine Evans talk about her life in Tobermory as a child, the shops along the main street and the many characters of the town. The daughter of Donald Langamull, who ran the garage in Tobermory for many years, Catherine recalls adventures and stories with her family, including a significant moment featuring the... Continue Reading →

Promo Video

Hello! I've created a short promo video for the podcast, featuring a few stories from the episodes and lots of landscape shots from round here. Enjoy!  

37 – Bunessan Show 2019

In this episode you’ll hear from some of the people who attended the Bunessan Show on the 2nd of August 2019. The Bunessan Show is an agricultural and cultural show which is held in the fields around Bunessan Primary in the Ross of Mull. I was invited by the show committee to go along and... Continue Reading →

36 – Netta Titterton – Colonsay

In this episode I talk with Netta Titterton of Colonsay. I’ve known Netta since I was a wee boy, as she’s a relation, so it’s an absolute delight to have gotten a chance to speak with her. We talk about Netta's family, and how her Dad's work with  the Strathcona family, who have owned Colonsay... Continue Reading →

34 – Gordon Connell – Tiree

In this episode I talk with Gordon Connell, originally from Blairmore near Dunoon, Gordon moved to Tiree to teach History in 1962. Gordon is an accordion player and one of the most significant teachers of accordion, the list of his pupils is rather impressive. We talk about growing up in Blairmore, going to school in... Continue Reading →

33 – John Holliday – Tiree

This episode takes our first foray away from Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra and takes us over to Tiree where I talk with John Holliday. John was the doctor on the island for 30 years and is often known as 'Doc'. Originally from the England, John lived in Australia before settling on Tiree. We talk... Continue Reading →

32 – Joanne MacInnes

This episode features a return to Iona, where I chat with Joanne MacInnes. A proud Dundonian, Joanne has lived on Iona for many years now, where she and her husband John are raising their family. We talk about Dundonian cultural identity, college life, work life and what it is like to move into a small... Continue Reading →

31 – Iain Thomson

In this episode I chat with Iain Thomson.  As you’ll hear Iain’s had a long association with the Isle of Mull, and now divides his time between the island here and Sweden. Iain has been involved in farming and the land since he was a young boy. Our conversation goes into some detail about his... Continue Reading →

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