48 – Anja and Mark Jardine

This episode is a conversation with Anja and Mark Jardine of Iona. Due to the current lockdown situation we recorded our chat over the internet. Originally from Germany Anja comes from a town near Leipzig, and grew up during the cold war, when the Berlin Wall divided the country into East and West Germany. Anja... Continue Reading →

Scenes from Mull and Iona

I've pulled together half an hour of footage of Mull and Iona as a present for a friend, who's happy for me to share this. The aim of this film is to offer up a moment of calm. The sound with that accompanies these images comes from recordings of nature at the narrows around Loch... Continue Reading →

47 – Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop

This episode features Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop of Lochdon. In this episode we talk about Elizabeth’s coming to the island, her teenage years, the Craignure Inn and much more. Donald talks about his family trade, growing up in Tobermory, and there’s some great stories about the music scene on the island in the past. It... Continue Reading →

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