47 – Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop

This episode features Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop of Lochdon. In this episode we talk about Elizabeth’s coming to the island, her teenage years, the Craignure Inn and much more. Donald talks about his family trade, growing up in Tobermory, and there’s some great stories about the music scene on the island in the past. It... Continue Reading →

46 – Charlie Hogg

In this episode I talk with Charlie Hogg of Tobermory. Charlie and I have been trying to get a time to catch up together since the start of the project, so I’m absolutely delighted to have finally got around to spending time with him and to have the opportunity to share this with you. Charlie’s... Continue Reading →

45 – Gordon Bruce

In this episode I talk with Gordon Bruce of Iona. Originally from Cumbernauld, Gordon has lived on Iona for the last 18 years or so. We talk about life before Gordon came to Iona for a good portion of the episode, and then, roughly half way through we come on to his life on Iona,... Continue Reading →

Movies Made on Mull

I’ve wanted to make a compilation video from some of the films shot on Mull for quite some time. A couple of days ago I finally got around to it. Georgia pointed out that the film would be much more interesting with sound clips from the films scattered throughout it, so this morning she sat... Continue Reading →

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