Episode 9 – Janet MacDonald

In this episode I talk to Janet MacDonald of Tobermory. Janet is a well-known figure in the local community, having grown up in the town. To many of the people of North Mull she’ll be long remembered as the Gaelic teacher at Tobermory High School. Janet is also well known in Gaelic circles for her... Continue Reading →

Thanks to Island Bakery!

I've not mentioned it over the last few podcasts, but every person who I talk to for the podcast gets a complimentary box of biscuits, thanks to Island Bakery. I've been handing out the Lemon Melts like nobody's business, and they're going down a treat! Thank you again to Dawn, Joe and Island Bakery for... Continue Reading →

Episode 08 – Roc Sandford

In this episode I talk to Roc Sandford of Gometra. Roc has owned Gometra since the late 80’s. He has had a long and interesting career as both a farmer and a publisher, as well as working on the board for an inner city affordable housing trust in London. His family history is both long... Continue Reading →

Podcast 07 – Alistair Morrison

In this episode I talk to Alistair Morrison of Dervaig. Al's family holidayed in Dervaig when he was young, and eventually bought a cottage in the village. I was keen to talk to Al as he’s someone who has always longed to be here. His experiences in childhood and throughout his teenage years here left... Continue Reading →

Podcast 06 – Alasdair MacLean

In this episode I’m delighted to say that I get the chance to talk with Alasdair MacLean. Alasdair was born in Dervaig, and spent his childhood around and about the village. He can trace his family in the area back to the mid 1700’s. Alasdair is well known for his work as a fisherman, and... Continue Reading →

Podcast 05 – Anne Cleave

In this episode I talk with Anne Cleave. Anne and her husband Colin moved to Mull in the late 90’s and ran Round and About, a local newspaper, and published the red book, our local telephone book, amongst many other things. Our conversation goes into Anne’s life here, her working life before coming to Mull,... Continue Reading →

Podcast 04 – Lucy MacKenzie

In this episode I talk to Lucy MacKenzie about her childhood, here on Mull at Calgary House, and her life in France, the USA and in Italy. 
Lucy runs a beautiful garden and B&B at Lip na Cloiche, near Ulva Ferry. More information on the Happy Valley murder, which Lucy mentions, can be found here.... Continue Reading →

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