Tales Fae the East – Alasdair’s new podcast project from Dennistoun, Sighthill and Haghill

Over the last months I’ve been working on establishing a new podcast in the East End of Glasgow for Glasgow Life as part of their artist in residence scheme. I share the project with my mate Tim Morozzo. Tim is photographer who will be taking portraits of the participants. Due to Covid, I’m working over Zoom talking to people, while Tim has to wait until restrictions ease so as to take the portraits.

The first episode is now available to listen to. It’s a conversation with Irene McInnes of Dennistoun, who has lead a remarkable life and achieved so much for her community through her work with Reidvale Housing Association, a pioneering community housing association. You can find more information about the project here.

If you enjoy WWDitW there’s a good chance that you’ll enjoy Tales Fae the East. I’m investigating similar issues, connection the area, life stories and perspectives on life in the area.
There are episodes in the can already, with many more folk to come. I’m so chuffed to get to do this project, it means a lot to me.

Saying all that there will be more WWDitW soon. Now the weather has changed I’m hoping to see a few folk face to face outside in the comfort of level 3. The people I’m thinking of have amazing stories to tell, amazing and possibly unexpected if you don’t know them face to face.

I can’t wait to share more WWDitW with you soon. It’s my absolute honour to get to be a part of sharing these tales. I also feel very lucky indeed to get a chance to hear what tales are to be found in the East End of Glasgow, my favourite city in the world!

Catch you soon.

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