Podcast 05 – Anne Cleave

In this episode I talk with Anne Cleave.
Anne and her husband Colin moved to Mull in the late 90’s and ran Round and About, a local newspaper, and published the red book, our local telephone book, amongst many other things.

Our conversation goes into Anne’s life here, her working life before coming to Mull, the Salen Show, being the archivist at Duart Castle, and her studies with the open university, after retiring.

Anne also talks about the death of her sister Elsie Frost, who was murdered when she was a teenager. You can find this section at about half an hour into the episode.

Here’s some links to some of the topics we cover:

Overlord Embroidery

Lambeth Housing Film from 1937 on the BFI’s facebook page

Salen Show

Duart Castle

Elsie Frost: BBC PM 50th Anniversary programmes on the case


Anne’s course at the Open University

Alasdair Moffat – Arthur and the The Lost Kingdoms

The Birth of Merlin

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Thanks for listening!

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