14 – Duncan MacGilp – Christmas Special

In this episode I talk for a second time with Duncan MacGilp of Tobermory.

I know so many of us hold Duncan with such great respect and affection that I thought it worth releasing this second interview as a wee festive treat.

Thank you to Island Bakery, again, for sponsoring the podcast through the medium of Lemon Melts.  Everyone who takes part in this podcast gets a box of Lemon Melts.  It seems to be everyone’s favourite of their range!  I’m particularly fond of an oat crumble though, I must say.

Episode Links:

Osgood MacKenzie – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osgood_Mackenzie

The Summer Walkers by Timothy Neat

Coffin Road by Peter May

The Drove Roads of Scotland by ARB Haldane

West Coast Boats

The Canoe Boys

Jimmy and Angus

Calve Island

Flora Celtica by William Milliken
Have a wonderful festive season, all the best for 2019!

Thanks for listening!

3 thoughts on “14 – Duncan MacGilp – Christmas Special

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  1. What a lovely podcast. So interesting to hear Duncan’s tales of the Mull characters. Duncan himself is almost interesting person who has been a great influence on my life since I came to Mull many years ago. He and Morag are the most kind people, always so helpful and cheery. His knowledge of Mull is wonderful to hear. Thank you for given me the chance to hear these two special friends in your conversation with them.

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