16 – Euphie Wood

In this episode I talk with Euphie Wood of Bunessan.
I spoke to Euphie in her home the other day, at the start of January 2019.

It was a great pleasure to spend time in Euphie’s company, although we’d met some time ago, we’d never really managed to have a proper chat. I’m delighted that we got the opportunity to speak together this week.

I made a timelapse of the journey from the North to the South of the island as I went, from Penmore to Bunessan.  It can be found here.

I’m pleased to say that there’s a Gaelic section in this episode, too!

If you have time and are so inclined, I’m running a short online survey that I’ll keep up until the first week of February to find out about how you engage with What We Do In The Winter.  You can find a link to it in the text along with this podcast file, on our website and on social media.  I’m looking to build more of an audience for the podcast, and I’d like to know how you interact with it at present to allow me to understand how to grow it. 
It can be found on this link: https://goo.gl/forms/xNuWBKB2aTiKmi1k1.

Thank you for your time!

Episode Links:

Ross of Mull Historical Centre

Attie MacKechnie on Tobar An Dualchais
Attie’s obituary


Lochinvar a poem by Walter Scott

H & I Film Guild

The Master of Balantrae

Tea With Chrissie

Brigadier Ronald Cheape of Tiroran tune

Soil and Soul by Alastair McIntosh

Dugie’s Shop, Dervaig

Kiel School

Oestende Boat explosion

The Appin Murder

Hill of the red fox



Patronymics in Scotland

Thanks for listening!


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