24 – Neil Munro

In this episode I talk with Neil Munro.

Neil is our first participant to hail from Ulva.
We recorded this episode in the study of Ulva house.
Ulva, which is now, I’m delighted to say, a community owned island.

The ground floor of Ulva house has a beautiful wooden floor, which you’ll hear throughout the course of the episode, as my dogs clatter around on it quite a bit. For which I apologise. Both of my dogs make an appearance at different points in the episode, so keep your ears peeled for their snoring and clickity-clackity noises.

Neil talks about his childhood on Ulva, his studies, travels and working life. We talk about his current work with Isle of Mull Cheese and former employment at the Tobermory Distillery towards the end of the episode.

This episode features Mark Summers’ interpretation of the WWDITW theme tune in the middle and then end, which I’m over the moon with. Thank you Mark!

Thank you again to www.islandbakery.co.uk for the lemon melts that each participant receives when they take part.

Thank you for listening!

Episode links:




Napier University

Queen Scallops

Scottish Salmon Company



The Old Forge pub

MacGochans Tobermory

The University of Dallas


Community buyout of Ulva

Isle of Mull Cheese www.isleofmullcheese.co.uk/

Tobermory Distillery


Bringing Our Island Community Back to Life – A short film about Ulva



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