28 – Jim Corbett

In this episode I talk with Jim Corbett of Lochbuie.

The Lochbuie estate has been in Jim’s family since 1922, and Jim and his wife are just about to celebrate their 40th year living here on Mull.

We talk about Jim’s family background, how the family came to live in Lochbuie, the Maclaines of Lochbuie and Kenneth Maclaine in particular. 
We also mention Moy Castle, I Know Where I’m Going, Eye of the Needle and much, much more.

We also talk about George Sassoon, who is a man I really wish I’d met.

I should point out that when the location of the Ark of the Covenant is mentioned, Jim phoned me up afterward to say that meant the Holy Grail rather than the Ark – it’s in Ethiopia, everyone knows that…

The whole What We Do in the Winter project has been sponsored in kind by the Island Bakery, and everyone who takes part in it gets a complimentary box of Lemon Melts.

Thank you for listening!
Episode links:

Watney’s Brewery

Watney Trust

Riding for the Disabled in Argyll

The Maclaines of Lochbuie

Hector and Lachlan MacLean – The two clans

Moy Castle

Lorne Maclaine & the Maclaine Clan

Robertson Trust

Historic Environment Scotland

Heritage Lottery Fund

Donald Sutherland – Highland Childhood aka Butt & Ben

Sir Steven Gatty

Gatty family in the National Portrait Gallery

Hester Gatty

Maclaine v Gatty court case

T E Lawrence

Siegfried Sassoon

George Sassoon / Obit 1 / Obit 2

Erich Von Däniken

The Manna Machine

The Sunday Sport

I know where I’m going

Powell & Pressburger

Carsaig Pier

Eye of the Needle


Red Rover
Red Rover


Jim & Patience Corbett
Jim and Patience Corbett

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  1. Spent some truly great days working with Jim down in Lochbuie and surrounding hills and mountains…gathering dosing clipping….


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