34 – Gordon Connell – Tiree

In this episode I talk with Gordon Connell, originally from Blairmore near Dunoon, Gordon moved to Tiree to teach History in 1962.
Gordon is an accordion player and one of the most significant teachers of accordion, the list of his pupils is rather impressive.

We talk about growing up in Blairmore, going to school in Dunoon, university life in Glasgow, how it was to move to Tiree in the 60’s, and more about his life as a teacher of History, Modern Studies and towards the end, his work as an accordion teacher.
We also talk about the character of Tiree and why it is so appealing.

Thank you for listening!

Epsiode Notes:

A fantastic programme on Gordon and his induction into the Scottish Traditional Muisc Hall of Fame Trusadh Series 5 Beò air a’ Bhogsa – Buaidh ThiriodhTiree – Outside the Box

Article on Gordon’s induction into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame




Loch Long


Stronchullin Farm


Holy Loch & Us Navy

Esmond Wright – Glasgow Uni

Donald Robertson – Glasgow Uni

The Hiking Song as sung by Kenneth McKellar

Tiree Golf Ball

Christine MacKinnon – teacher from Mull

Angus MacPhail

Iain Smith

Eilidh MacFadyen

The Cornaig Ceilidh Band


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