Episode 51 – WWDitW Live @ Dervaig Village Hall 7th March 202

WWDitW Live @ Dervaig Hall March 2020

This episode is a recording of a live event that we had at Dervaig Village Hall on Saturday the 7th of March 2020.

The topics covered in this episode include: Dervaig Village Hall in the Past; a live performance of a play featuring lots of local people at Calgary Bay in 1993, Movies Made on Mull and Delivery vans.
At the start I go over the rationale for the project, which if you’ve listened to the end of episode 50 you’ll have heard fairly recently, so I apologise for double handing this bit, but I thought it worth keeping in for context.

The sound in this episode is not the best, for which I apologise. The weather was so bad outside that you can hear the hall’s fan flapping in the background quite often. 
The hall is somewhat echoey as well, so the sound can at times be a bit distant. 
Where the sound is really good though is where Gus Stewart picked people out with his boom mic. 
I’m so thankful to Gus for his time and effort on the evening, he managed to capture some really great moments.
There was a fantastic moment where someone broke wind very loudly near one of the stationary mics, but I’ve cut this out for your peace of mind. And bowel.

The videos that accompany this episode can be found on this link or on the video play list below.

Thank you for listening!

Episode links:

Will Starr

Montserrat by Lillian Herman


Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier.

Fatal Passage by Ken McGoogan

Why not order either of these from this wonderful bookshop in Hexham? Cogito Books

The Shepherd – that troubled film.

St Leger Stakes

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