Podcast 06 – Alasdair MacLean

In this episode I’m delighted to say that I get the chance to talk with Alasdair MacLean.

Alasdair was born in Dervaig, and spent his childhood around and about the village.
He can trace his family in the area back to the mid 1700’s.

Alasdair is well known for his work as a fisherman, and his vast knowledge of local lore and tales.  He’s a true tradition bearer.

Our conversation covers a lot of ground, and we move from topic to topic fairly swiftly.

Some of the things we talk about include:  Quinish, Treshnish and the Whisky Cave, salmon netting, otter trapping, the process of making your own shot, the changes in dance and ceilidh music, the Highland Fund, fishing boats and fishing for different catches.  Towards the end of our conversation we get into tales of characters from the past, including Markie-Dan, the Bongan and several other folks.

The photos we talk about (photos courtesy of Alasdair MacLean from his own collection):

The Aquila, the first of two boats by that name.

Aquilla by Bill Clegg

The Manx Beauty at the Fisherman’s Pier in Tobermory

Boats at Tob Pier

Fishing for sprats in Loch Na Keal

Sprat Fishing

I’m delighted to say that this episode has been sponsored by www.mullselfcatering.co.uk

Have a look at their site, at, www.mullselfcatering.co.uk, for their three properties, two flats at Thornliebank and the house beside them, Crieve.
They’re beautiful properties in upper Tobermory, and have a really homely feel to them.  They’re perfect for a break with family or friends.

Thank you to  Alasdair and Anne for their hospitality in recording this podcast, and a special thank you to their daughter Kathleen for all her help in setting things in motion.

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