Podcast 07 – Alistair Morrison

In this episode I talk to Alistair Morrison of Dervaig.

Al’s family holidayed in Dervaig when he was young, and eventually bought a cottage in the village.
I was keen to talk to Al as he’s someone who has always longed to be here.
His experiences in childhood and throughout his teenage years here left such a mark on him that he always wanted to come and live on the island.

We talk about how music and culture affect who we are, teenage adventures, memories of the village in the past, and a little about his work as a postman in Salen.

We also talk about one of my favourite events on Mull, the Box Ball. The box balls were fancy dress parties in Dervaig at the old hall, where Dougie’s shop is now.


I’m very pleased to say that this episode has been sponsored by Treshnish & Haunn Cottages.   Have a look at their remarkable cottages here.

You can also find Treshnish on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on @treshnish

Guthan Nan Eilean / Island Voices can be found here.  It’s an amazing resource!

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