11 – Archaeology with Clare Ellis

In this episode I talk to Clare Ellis of Argyll Archaeology.
We talk about the archaeology of Argyll, Mull, Iona and Lismore.

I first met Clare whilst working on the Suil Air Ardchiavaig project for the Ross of Mull Historical Centre.  I was really impressed by how she engaged the group and how she managed to foster an environment where they all worked together and had a great time.
She was also very polite and tolerant when I kept asking really daft questions, so I thought, why not do that for the podcast.

You can find out more about Clare’s work on this link:
Links to things mentioned in this episode:





Saint Moluag

Iona Preschool – Ditch Dig


A special shout out to my S3 Geography teacher Robbie Livingstone for introducing me to the concept of isostatic rebound whilst at secondary school. That, and most things to do with glaciation have fascinated me ever since.  My mate Jim in Lewis recently found boulders marking terminal moraine on his croft, and has used them to build himself a massive, and I mean ma-hoo-sive wall.  Glaciers rock.

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  1. This was another excellent episode. I think I’ve rediscovered my deep love of history. At uni I studied ancient pottery, one of my most adored subjects.


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