12 – John Maughan

In this episode I talk with John Maughan of Croggan.
Croggan is a small settlement on the Lochbuie estate, on the shores of Loch Spelve.

Born in Edinburgh, John’s mother’s family originally comes from Mull, and he can trace his ancestry very far back indeed.

John came to Croggan and the area as a child for holidays, and like so many people before and since, it got a hold of him, and he always longed to live here.

I went to see John and his wife Cathy, at their beautiful home in Croggan looking across the water to Gualachaolish.

We talk about John’s life and work, his family history here, stories from the community in the past and his interest in history.

If you’re interested in some of the things we talk about in the episode, you can find out more on the following links:


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Irish Folklore Podcast

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Jo Currie’s book on Mull


A selection of images from John’s collection.  Thank you John!


MacPhail family obituaries.

MacPhail Obits
MacPhail Family obituaries

And finally, the sunrise, here, this morning as mentioned in the preamble.

Linicro Sunrise

Thanks for listening!


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