26 – Davie Kirkpatrick

In this episode I talk with Davie Kirkpatrick of Iona.

Davie has lived in Iona for the vast majority of his life. 
Our conversation covers lots of ground. We talk about growing up on the island, going away for school, various characters and community members of the past and present. 
We talk briefly about the politics of passenger ferries, the start of commercial crabbing.

We also talk about a remarkable family called the MacCormicks, who achieved remarkable things.

The whole What We Do in the Winter project has been sponsored in kind by the Island Bakery, and everyone who takes part in it gets a complimentary packet of Lemon Melts – the tastiest biscuits I know.

Thanks for listening!

Episode Links:
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Mhairi Killin http://mhairikillin.com/

Longhope Lifeboat Disaster https://rnli.org/news-and-media/2019/march/12/tragedy-in-the-pentland-firth-marking-the-longhope-lifeboat-disaster

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John MacDonald – Spank https://whatwedointhewinter.com/2019/02/01/19-john-macdonald/#more-290





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