45 – Gordon Bruce

In this episode I talk with Gordon Bruce of Iona. Originally from Cumbernauld, Gordon has lived on Iona for the last 18 years or so.

We talk about life before Gordon came to Iona for a good portion of the episode, and then, roughly half way through we come on to his life on Iona, the various jobs that he’s had over the years, and touch into the nature of life in a small community and touchingly, the kindness of others.

My wife and our dog make an appearance towards the end of the episode, so that’s the noise you can hear in the background.

Many thanks for listening!

Episode links:

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Glasgow’s Miles Better
Glens Robertsons Stepek


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College of Building and Printing

Davie Kirkpatrick’s episode

Staffa Trips

Iona Village Hall

Iona Village Hall Just Giving page

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