46 – Charlie Hogg

In this episode I talk with Charlie Hogg of Tobermory.

Charlie and I have been trying to get a time to catch up together since the start of the project, so I’m absolutely delighted to have finally got around to spending time with him and to have the opportunity to share this with you.

Charlie’s memories take in life in Tobermory, visits to Haunn and the Treshnish Isles, and we talk about his working life, the characters of his youth and a quite remarkable boat yard in Tobermory, on the light house path that I’d love to find out more about.

What I love about this conversation is the way that Charley relays the smells and senses of the times he’s talking about. We talk about food quite a bit, which he brings to life with great relish.

I hope this little chat will give you an hour away from the world and just a wee break from all that’s going on.

Episode links  to follow in the next day or two, please excuse their absence for now.

Thanks for listening!

4 thoughts on “46 – Charlie Hogg

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  1. Listening to Charlie was quite a surprise. When he moved from Dervaig, he bought my fathers house Lephain just by the water works on the edge of Tobermory. I believe its now the bakery. He mentioned being in the Royal Engineers and was based in Cambridgeshire. He did his plant machinery course in a place called Waterbeach where the old ww2 airfield is. He also mentioned being stationed in Germany at Osnabruck. The reason I was intrigued was the fact, apart from buying my father’s house, I too was in the Royal Engineers, did my plant machine course, spent time at Waterbeach, and my last posting was Osnabruck. Its a small world.
    Roy MacKinnon.


    1. Hi Roy, thanks so much for that. Aye, it’s a small world for sure! Will give Charlie a ring and let him know this, I’m sure he’ll appreciate the coincidence! Hope you’re well. A


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