47 – Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop

This episode features Elizabeth and Donald Kirsop of Lochdon.

In this episode we talk about Elizabeth’s coming to the island, her teenage years, the Craignure Inn and much more. Donald talks about his family trade, growing up in Tobermory, and there’s some great stories about the music scene on the island in the past.

It was just great to spend time with both Donald and Elizabeth in recording this conversation, I look forward to catching up with them both again soon.

Following the last episode I’m going to try and do a listen-along twitter chat with this episode on Friday 24th of April, this Friday, at 8PM Dervaig time. It was lovely to chat with those that came along last time, it was rather good fun, so if you want to join me for an online natter using #WWDITW, please do!

Thanks for listening!


Here’s a photo of Java Lodge, which we talk about when we get on to the folk from Soay.  Thank you to Mull Museum for the image.

Java Lodge





Craignure Inn


The Soay of Our Forefathers – book

How a ram pump works  I love these things!

Catherine Evans episode


Strontian Lead Mines

United Free Church

Gaelic Psalm Singing (Presenting )

Plymouth Brethren

Alan Breck

STV One O’Clock Gang



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