38 – Catherine Evans

In this episode Catherine Evans talk about her life in Tobermory as a child, the shops along the main street and the many characters of the town.

The daughter of Donald Langamull, who ran the garage in Tobermory for many years, Catherine recalls adventures and stories with her family, including a significant moment featuring the departure of a ferry.

She then goes on to talk about student life in Belfast at the dawn of the troubles, and where her adventures took her later in life, leading to coming back home to Mull.

At the end of the episode we return to the past to talk about Catherine’s grandfather’s shop in upper Tobermory and the Drama festival and its importance to the communities of the island.

There’s a fine level of detail in this episode, I think it will really help flesh out life in Mull for listeners in the future.

Thanks for listening!

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Music from a session with the wonderful Sarah Bauhan and friends

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