43 – Iain Morrison


In this episode I talk with Iain Morrison of Penmore.

Iain runs Turus Mara with his son Colin and wife Pat, and sails daily from Ulva Ferry to Staffa and the Treshnish Isles in the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode. We talk about growing up in Penmore, going to school at Mornish, where his Mum was the teacher. We talk about his parents, and a little about his grandparents. At one point Iain talks about the evictions, these of course are the clearances.
References are made to Dykes & Agnes, Marky Dan and many more famous local characters.
As a young man Iain was in the merchant navy, and we talk quite a bit about his travels and life at sea.
At one point we talk about the mortality of illegitimate children in the past, which was a real eye opener for me and quite shocking, so just a wee heads up for you that we go into that topic at a certain moment.

We met over here at my house on a very windy day, and at certain points you can hear the wind roaring away in the background.

Thanks for listening!


The Morrisons also run a family restaurant on their croft – https://ambirlinn.com/

Millstone History

Fatal Passage – Ken McGoogan’s book on John Rae

Morrison clan

Donald Langamull

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Viking as a verb

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Grandfather – weaver, Burg https://scotlandsplaces.gov.uk/record/nrs/RHP140931/plan-torloisk-estate-isle-mull/nrs

Ploughing matches

The Gaelic Otherworld by John Gregorson Campbell

Calum MacLean School of Scottish Studies

Mary Morrison Iain’s Mum

An account of Mary’s father evicted at age 9


John Bannerman

Colin Morrison, Iain’s Dad on Tobar an Dualchais:

Alec Beag MacDougall on Tobar and Dualchais:

Moladh Na Landaidh

MacLeod of Dunvegan

Eriskay Love Lilt

Marjory Kennedy Fraser

Kathleen MacInnes

Lord Lyon of Scotland

James Balfour Paul, father of Scrap

Black house kitchen diagram

Iain Chrichton Smith

Ferry travel from school on The Lochinvar

Denholm Group Merchant Navy


Persian Gulf

Butterworth Crews / Watch / Machines

Rhumb Line

Deidre of the Sorrows


Newdale poorhouse

Illegitimate infant mortality

Hive – online book sales: www.hive.co.uk





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