44 – Morag and Dugald Campbell

Morag and Dugald Campbell live at Sunipol, in the North of Mull near Cailleach.

Originally from Grimsay in the Outer Hebrides, Morag will be well known to many listeners here on the island as a midwife.
In fact she brought more than a couple of the listeners to the podcast into the world!

Dougie was born in Achahoish and moved to other locations in Argyllshire before settling here on Mull with Morag.

Morag and Dougie lived on Gometra for a few years, which they describe with great clarity.

You’ll notice that the sound in this episode isn’t quite the best, for which I apologise. The microphone was at a distance from Morag, although I did manage to move it closer as the episode progresses.

Thanks for listening!





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