Other Podcasts That May Be Of Interest in the Lockdown

We listen to a lot of podcasts in this household.  Below are some of the podcasts I’d recommend to brighten the lockdown.  Please feel free to add other suggestions in the comments below.

A Wheezing Groaning Sound –  Rude and naughty podcast about old episodes of Doctor Who.  Filthy, but very amusing to my taste.

Adam and Joe podcasts – AdamandJoearchive.org – Adam and Joe are heroes of mine, their work has had such an impact on me.  I love their positive, upbeat approach to their work and the connections it offers with the listener.

All Rather Mysterious – Urban legends explored in a silly way

Smersh Pod – James Bond movies ripped apart by silly people.  Very rude, very amusing.

Beef and Dairy Podcast – A really original comedy podcast about people obsessed with beef and dairy produce.  Rich beef sausages must be consumed whilst listening to this.  (Eli be praised!)  I love the Welsh bias expressed in so many of the episodes, it’s very fine indeed.

Bluirini Bealoidis Folklore Podcast – Irish podcast about folk traditions.

Book Shambles – Authors and readers explore their favourite books together.

Box of Delights – Short, 15 minute long podcasts about TV history.  Utterly magical.  A brilliant host and excellent guests.  This is one I pounce on, the minute it comes out.

Brian and Roger – Tragic comedy of the finest sort.  Brilliantly written and played with such sincerity it’s wonderfully brutal.  Not for the feint of heart.

Bunk Bed – Two pals talk together on the edge of sleep and let their minds wander from topic to topic.  Short and brilliant.

Brian Gittins and Friends – Rude.  Naughty.  Brilliant.  There’s so much to enjoy in this podcast, it really makes me laugh. I recommend it most thoroughly.

Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast – The renowned psychic from Phoenix Nights shares his wisdom with us. Utterly hilarious.  Ramone is one of the best observations of a gallus West coaster I’ve ever heard.  ‘Probing our souls’

Hardcore History – The deepest most probing of history podcasts.  This is what got me into listening to podcasts.  A work of humane, scholarly brilliance that will only grow and grow as time goes by.

Desert Island Discs – There’s so many life stories to be told on this classic programme from the BBC.

Great Lives – Explorations of the lives of significant individuals.  We listened to three today while I made a nice big curry.  Well worth your time.

Homeschool History – Short podcasts for young people on historical topics.  Written and presented by the brilliant Greg Jenner, who is also responsible for You’re Dead to Me.

How I Found My Voice – Utterly brilliant interviews with a wide variety of people in the public eye about how they ‘found their voice’.  Mostly presented by Samira Ahmed, who’s another of my heroes.

Dear Joan and Jericha – Filth.  Utter filth.  But so, so very funny.  Tread with caution if you’re easily offended.  If not, dive in.

The Kitchen Cabinet – Utter magic.  If you’re even remotely interested in food, let the Kitchen Cabinate crew lead you through familiar and unfamiliar approaches to making some amazing dishes.  The dynamic between the panel is joyous.  It’s a show that loves its audience, food and drink.  Highly recommended.

Nightlife – A daily radio programme from ABC in Australia.  The breadth of topics they cover is significant.

The Cinemile – A married couple walk to and from the cinema and discuss films that they’re about to see and then review them on their walk home.  Simple, warm and wonderful.

Radio 4 Quiz – This rotates between several quizzes every few months.  Currently it’s Brain of Britain, which is very enjoyable.  I force my self to listen to the Round Britain Quiz which is an absolute piece of nonsense.  The questions are usually along the lines of: “Which German hound might be said to be responsible for the Cargo Cult of Vanuatu embracing the third recording ever released on CD?”  The answer:  “Helicobacter pylori”
Every time the voice at the end of the podcast says “Enjoyed this podcast?”  I shout “NOOOO!”  Yet I can’t seem to stop listening to it.

Rule of Three – Comedy writers and performers chat through elements of their own work and look at why certain comedy classics work for them.  Really interesting and brilliantly hosted.  Well worth your time.

St Elwick’s Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Podcast – If you’re not from St Elwick you shouldn’t be listening to this.  A local podcast to replace the much missed newsletter.  Intimate, warm and very funny indeed, this is a podcast that you will very likely love.  It’s like an antidote to What We Do in the Winter.  It serves as a warning for me in the back of my head.

Stories of Scotland – Does what it says on the label.  Not had a chance to get too far into it yet, but I’m really looking forward to making the most of it when I can.

The Adam Buxton Podcast – A master of the form, Adam is the perfect podcast host.  His line of enquiry is through warmth, silliness and curiosity.  My absolute favourite podcast.  His interviews with Cathy Burke and Louis Theroux are utter treasures, as are the moments when he delves into more serious topics, such as with Adam Curtis.  I can’t recommend Adam’s podcast strongly enough.

The Film Programme – Half an hour programmes from the BBC about film, filmmaking and film culture.  Always interesting.  Saying that, there is an episode where they talk with me about a project at Campbeltown Picture House…

You’re Dead to Me– Greg Jenner’s history podcast where he, a comedian and another historian explore significant figures and events from the past.  Really enjoyable.  I’ve learnt a lot from it!





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  1. Love your recommendations here Alasdair! Here are some of my recs…The the one show show (hilarious weekly piss take of the worst program on tv, so funny how much they rip into Matt Baker), Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster (interviewing guests about their dream meals, particularly like the Greg Davies one), Gossipmongers (Joe Wilkinson ridiculousness), My dad wrote a porno (if you like Joan and Jericha) and This podcast will kill you (fascinating detailed podcast about a different infectious disease and its history each episode, particularly recommend the plague and rabies episodes).

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