In Memory of Zelda Sawyer

Zelda Sawyer of Dervaig passed away at the end of May.

Zelda was a wonderful woman and a good friend to many of us in the village and beyond.

I was honoured that she agreed to record an episode of What We Do in the Winter with me before we had even started broadcasting. Zelda was the third person I spoke to, as I knew she would have many interesting things to say.

Spending time with Zelda was always a pleasure.

Many people would know her from her craft shop, which she ran from her front room in the main street of the village.  Zelda also ran the box office for Mull Little Theatre from her home.  She had a great affection for the Little Theatre and was one of its strongest supporters.

Zelda could always surprise you.
I remember going in to see her one day when we lived next door at Willowbank for a short while.  I went in to pass her a copy of the latest book in the Game of Thrones series, which she’d been greatly enjoying.  As I was leaving she held up a DVD of a recently released X-Men movie.  “I seem to have bought two copies of this, would you like this one?”

Zelda will be greatly missed.  It was an honour and a delight to know her.


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