31 – Iain Thomson

In this episode I chat with Iain Thomson.  As you’ll hear Iain’s had a long association with the Isle of Mull, and now divides his time between the island here and Sweden.
Iain has been involved in farming and the land since he was a young boy.

Our conversation goes into some detail about his life and work and fascinatingly, the relationship between farmers and their dogs.
We also talk about Iain’s work as a singer songwriter.
Iain is perhaps better known as The Singing Shepherd.

You’re going to hear two pieces from Iain’s album Fields of Dreams in this episode, too.
Half way through you’ll hear the instrumentals Musician & Ulva Boatman.

I leave you with Iain’s song Tostary, too rather than my usual waffling.

Thank you very much Iain for letting me use your music in this episode.

At one point Iain mentions John Saich.  John is a former inhabitant of Mull, a musician, and former member of Capercaillie.  When living on Mull John wrote several songs about life here including Four Stone Walls, about affordable housing – a topic which is never far away from many of the podcast participant’s stories.  Its lyrics still ring true today.  Four Stone Walls

Iain’s photo features himself, Nell, Rosie and Joe in Glen Cannel.

Thanks for listening!

Episode links:

Cupar Angus


Iain’s Dad playing for Scotland in the Rugby in 1949

The Corries

Dog trials


Lachie Knock as talking to Anne MacKenzie in Voices of North Mull (also available in Dugie’s shop in Dervaig)

Mull Slaughterhouse


Iain Thomson Albums

Fields of Dreams

Singing Shepherd
Long Road Home
Iain Thomson and Marc Duff – No Borders

Gordon MacLean’s band – Sienna Moon https://www.discogs.com/pt_BR/sell/item/953541724





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