32 – Joanne MacInnes

This episode features a return to Iona, where I chat with Joanne MacInnes.
A proud Dundonian, Joanne has lived on Iona for many years now, where she and her husband John are raising their family.

We talk about Dundonian cultural identity, college life, work life and what it is like to move into a small community and make your life there.

We also mention the Iona Village Hall Music Festival, which I’ve always wanted to go over for, but haven’t yet managed to make it.

Our conversation was recorded in Iona Village Hall.
Iona are in the process of fund-raising to build a new hall, which you can find out more about here: https://www.justgiving.com/ionavillagehall

At one point in the episode you’ll hear a new version of the podcast theme as recorded by Hamish Napier. You can find out more about his wonderful work on https://www.hamishnapier.com/

I’m particularly pleased that we talk about what it means to move into a new community and to make your way there.  I think Joanne says a lot of things I’ve been thinking about for a while in a very precise way.

This episode also features the best “Oh well, I should definitely give Iona a shot’ story I’ve come across so far.  Signs and portents!

Thanks for listening!
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George MacLeod

Alexi Murdoch

Frightened Rabbit


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The National Lottery Community Fund

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Argyll & Islands Leader


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