36 – Netta Titterton – Colonsay

In this episode I talk with Netta Titterton of Colonsay.

I’ve known Netta since I was a wee boy, as she’s a relation, so it’s an absolute delight to have gotten a chance to speak with her.

We talk about Netta’s family, and how her Dad’s work with  the Strathcona family, who have owned Colonsay for over 100 years, brought the family to Colonsay.  The story of the Strahcona family and how they came to own the island is also explored.  Then the conversation moves on to  her school life in Colonsay and Oban and a little about her working life.  We didn’t get a chance to talk about her work as the telephone exchange operator though, which I must try and ask her more about when next we meet up!   We also talk about the characters of the island, including my great grandfather.  The village halls of the island and their characteristics are also explored.

I’ve loved doing these episodes from Colonsay.  There’s so much more I’d love to do there, so I’ll be trying to make a trip back in the near future.

Thanks so much for listening!


Episode links:

Donald Smith & The Strathconas

Biography of Donald Smith

MacIain of Glencoe

Glencoe House – watch the video at the bottom of the page (they burnt the croissants…)

The MacNeill’s of Colonsay – Info on the Argyll MacNeills can be found half way down the page.

Forsyth’s Edinburgh

Milk Recording

Scottish Agricultural College

Donald CaskieThe Tartan Pimpernell


Andrew MacNeill – This link is well worth checking out, as it’s a 34 min conversation about Andrew’s life and work as a piper with his nephew Andrew MacMorrine.

Flora MacNeill

Mo Charaid Mo Ghaisgeach – Award winning short film by Rachel Hendry about Flora and Jessie.

Screen Machine

Balnahard live stream film – a bit shonky and handheld, sorry!

Colonsay Festivals

Alex Gray

Ian Rankin

Jim Carruth



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