40 – Chris Reade

In this episode I talk with Chris Reade of Sgriobruadh Farm, Tobermory.

Chris and her late husband Jeff founded Isle of Mull Cheese.

We talk about her life in England as a child and how she and Jeff bought a farm in Somerset and then, through seeing an advert in an English paper, noticed some land on the Isle of Mull for sale.

We explore her working life, family life, childhood, and how family is at the core of everything.

If you want to see any photos of the development of Sgriobruadh and the Cheese farm, do go and have a look at www.isleofmullcheese.co.uk for some great photos and stories.

Thank you for listening!


Episode links:

Isle of Mull Cheese

The Reade’s old farm in Somerset

Nepalise adventures

An article about Chris and Jeff

I J Mellis (my favourite cheese shop)


Nick Nairn’s New Scottish Cookery

Article on the best Scottish cheeses


Thank you to Joe Reade for help in coordinating this episode!



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