41 – Howard Pitman

Howard Pitman hails from Dervaig and now lives in Glasgow.

Howie and I chat about his memories of growing up in the village and what the nature of the island means to him.  He identifies lots of characters from the past and talks very touchingly about the first time he met his wife to be.

His father, David, ran Coffee in Books in the village.

There’s some cracking info on the film screenings that used to take place at Dervaig Village Hall, including a screening of a more raunchy ‘art house’ movie.

At a certain point in the episode you’ll hear a buzzing noise, this was a cable fault at my end of our online connection, for which I apologise.

I’ve edited this episode and recorded the intro / outro whilst I’ve been working in Frankfurt, so sorry if I sound a bit rushed at the start and end, I’ve been grabbing moments in between screenings at the Lucas Film Festival.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of my wonderful Mother in Law, Jackie O’Neill.  I couldn’t have wished for a better mother in law, our wee man was so lucky to have her as a Gran.

Thanks for listening!


Episode links:


Evening Citizen – Glasgow Newspaper

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Coffee and Books & Photo from Undiscovered Scotland

P’tang Yang Kipper Bang

Imperial Vortex – Flash Gordon

When 8 Bells Toll

I Know Where I’m Going

Madame Sin

The Lady Stone









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