48 – Anja and Mark Jardine

This episode is a conversation with Anja and Mark Jardine of Iona.
Due to the current lockdown situation we recorded our chat over the internet.

Originally from Germany Anja comes from a town near Leipzig, and grew up during the cold war, when the Berlin Wall divided the country into East and West Germany. Anja was in the East living under communism. We talk about the experience of growing up in this environment, and the moment when it all changed with the fall of the wall.

Mark was brought up in Glasgow at a time of great change for the city. We talk about the diversity of Scots language in the city, his time at Art School and how his path lead him westwards to Iona.

Mark, Anja and Mark’s sons Stewart and Neil run Alternative Boat Hire, Iona. If you’ve been to Iona and have seen a stunning boat with red sails sailing by, that’s likely to be the Birthe Marie, their boat.
The story of the Birthe Marie and her refurbishment is in itself quite a tale and well worth investigating. You can find out more about it on boattripsiona.com

Thanks for listening!

Episode Links:


East German Agricultural Cooperatives

The Gorbals Group

Geoff Shaw
Walter Fife

Hillhead Library

Dunard Street Primary School

Patrick Thistle League Cup 1971

Bridge to nowhere

Leipzig at the fall of communism in the East of Europe

Peter Capaldi

Alan Potter artist

A piece by George Garson


Argyll Hotel Iona


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