Islands in Film – Premiering Fri 26th June @ 8pm on YouTube

Islands in Film will be premiering on What We Do in the Winter’s YouTube channel on Friday 26th of June at 8pm, British Summer Time on this link: or on the video at the bottom of this page

We had footage from 75 different people, giving us a total of 255 shots from which to build the film.
Running at 47 minutes in length the film presents life under lockdown for the residents of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra. Directed by Alasdair & Georgia Satchel, the music for the film is by Hannah Fisher and Sorren Maclean.

We’d like to gather an audience here on islands and further afield to share in this experience. The aim of this film is to bring folk together and for us to know that we’re not alone. If you want to join in on Friday 26th at 8PM the more the merrier. Please feel free to spread the word.

If you enjoy the film we invite you to make a donation, say the price of some popcorn, or even a film ticket to Mull and Iona Pantry, our local food bank.

3 thoughts on “Islands in Film – Premiering Fri 26th June @ 8pm on YouTube

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  1. From one very lonely lover of Iona.I have marked my calendar and will be ready to smile and perhaps weep a bit as I see dear friends and the beautiful places where I have wandered and dreamed in. My life changed through the years I spent on Iona and soon called “my heart’s home”, it still is. Thank you.

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