50 – Richard Kellett

Hello and welcome to episode 50!

This episode features a chat with Richard Kellett of Aros Mains.
Originally from the Borders Richard is a paramedic here on Mull.
He’s lead quite a remarkable life, having been in the army seeing service in Iraq during the 2nd Iraq war.
Many people here on the islands will know him from his work with the ambulance service, his time as manager at Am Birlinn and many other incarnations. 

It was a real honour to spend this time with Richard and I thought it important to make his episode the 50th as he and the team that he’s a part of does so much to make our lives here better and safer, at this time more than ever.    

This episode delves a bit deeper into personal areas than other episodes so far. 
So it’s worthwhile giving you a couple of trigger warnings for when we talk about firstly the difficult situations that Richard was subject to as a child, and then certain aspects of the reality and politics of active service in a war zone.
If you’ve been affected by any of the issues featuring in the episode please see the links at the bottom of the page.

Richard doesn’t mention his work as a photographer in this chat, but he’s one of the best photographers I’ve ever encountered. Check out his work at https://www.richardkellettphotography.com/

This episode also features a bit more of an exploration of the rationale behind the project, some of which you many have heard before.
That’s all at the end of the episode.
As is the special Richard Kellett Theme for this episode…

Thanks for listening!

Episode Links:

Aros Castle
Aros Mains
Duart Castle
Border Reivers
Longridge Towers School
Heriot Watt
Wilkie House & Century 2000
Jeni Ayris Richard’s Portrait of Jeni
The Royal Scots
Regiment of Scotland
Warminster training centre Platoon Commander’s course
Wild Fox Events
Am Birlinn
Glasgow Cali Uni – Paramedic Studies

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