53 – Shirley Pinder

This episode is a chat with textile artist Shirley Pinder.
Shirley grew up in Tobermory where her Mother and Father ran Strongarbh House and the Gallery on the Main Street, where they sold various things including materials woven by her father and herself.

Shirley brings her childhood and family clearly to life while also giving us a very fine picture of how her own career developed along with bringing up her family.
Here are some images that Shirley has kindly shared which include: Boats at the new pier; Dancing on the lawn at Strongarbh; Exhibition of fabrics with her father behind; The Lifeboat with Shirley’s Grandfather and Great Uncle Johnny; Shirley at the loom in the Gallery; A display of her work; Strongarbh House; Tobermory Games with Shirley; Shirley’s Mother rowing. At the bottom of the images is a downloadable pdf which accompanied an exhibition of Shirley’s work, “Weaving my way from Mull to Melrose”. It offers a clear path through her career with lots of lovely images to accompany it.

Episode Links:

Video of the launch of the Sir Arthur Rose in Tobermory
Tobermory lifeboat station

HMS Electra
Dervish Convoy

48 Days Adrift by Captain Job Barbour

Strongarbh House


Scottish College of Textiles


Nuno fabrics Japan

Hobbs Clothing

Royal Academy of Arts

Anish Kapoor

David Hockney

Lord Uillin’s Daughter by Thomas Campbell
Beth Gelert by William Robert Spencer

Charlie Kirkpatrick

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