Top Recommendations – The Big Light Network & Myth Legend and Lore Podcast

I’m conscious that I haven’t been able to get a new episode of What We Do in the Winter out to you of late. I do apologise for this. I’ve been frantically busy constructing a course for Keep Scotland Beautiful about training youth workers to enable them to make climate change films with their young people. It’s been an amazing thing to do and I’m really enjoying it, but most days start at 10 and don’t end until midnight. So I barely have any time for anything apart for work. So do please excuse my absence. I’ve got 3 new interviews waiting to come out, all of which I’m super chuffed with. There’s some really fascinating stories to come from What We Do in the Winter for sure.

If you are looking for something to listen to I’d recommend a couple of different sources for brilliant new podcast content.

The work of the Big Light Network is almost certainly to be of interest to the WWDitW Listener. They’re a podcast producing company based here in Scotland and have a wide variety of podcasts covering lots of different topics.
Within their work I’m particularly fond of Talk Media, which is a media and news analysis show. Each week the two hosts and a guest take apart key elements of the news and discuss elements of popular culture. Hosts Stuart Cosgrove and Eamonn O’Neill have razor like minds and a wealth of perspectives to share, but more than this, their broadcasting technique invites the listener in to make up your own mind on what they’re saying. It’s utterly superb, I listen to it first thing on a Thursday morning.

Next from the Big Light is the Great Scot podcast. Each week Janice Forsyth chats to a well known Scottish person about their life and work. Janice is a hero of mine, she’s such a brilliantly positive presence in Scottish media, and is co-founder of the Big Light. I’m stock piling these episodes to listen to soon. The one with Annie Lennox is wonderful. They are at such ease in each other’s company it makes for a really interesting conversation.

Another podcast that I’d recommend from the Big Light is Double Scotch with Rachel McCormack. Each week Rachel and a guest chat over the course of three whiskies. Rachel is one of the panellists on BBC R4’s the Kitchen Cabinet and author of Chasing the Dram. You may have seen her programme The Ideal Scotsman on BBC Scotland recently. With Rachel as host, guests so far including KT Tunstall, the Rev Richard Coles and Ian Rankin, and a bit of whisky chat it’s a sure fire winner. Which reminds me, I must buy a bottle of Sprinbank 10 soon.

The Big Light have lots of other podcasts that I’ve not around to checking out yet, many of which I’m sure will be of interest! They’re a very exciting voice in Scottish broadcasting. Do check them out.

Another podcast I’d like to recommend is The Myth, Legend and Lore Podcast by Siobhan Clark. Each episode Siobhan shares a tale from Norse and other Scandinavian lore, exploring what it means and questioning the significance of the elements in the tales. It’s the perfect antidote to 2020.

WWDitW will be back in a few weeks time with our next episode, I look forward to speaking with you then!

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